Classical Tour

Grand Tour

(Escorted Tour)

As the descriptive name indicates, this is the most complete tour of the country and a must for anyone that really wants to take the time to explore this still ‘terra incognita’ called Albania in depth. A local guide will escort your group throughout the entire trip and other specialized guides will referee in the places of particular importance.

Our Grand Tour of Albania is a combination of the most important and striking elements, natural beauties, archaeological and historic monuments that Albania has to offer, giving the traveler a wealth of knowledge and experience. The city of Durrës combines archeology, history with its long sandy beaches that are the most popular and best developed. The ‘Albanian Riviera’, as the southern coastline between Vlora and Saranda is known by the locals, offers miles of secluded beaches.

The Llogora Pass, at a height of 1,000 and more metres, is the gateway to the Riviera and offers breathtaking views along the coast towards the south. Once a Greek colony, Apollonia experienced its heyday during Roman times. The ruins of the ancient city are spread across a complete hill. On wandering along the old paths, visitors are particularly impressed by the antique theatre and the ruins of the Town Hall. UNESCO has designated the archaeological finds at Butrint in the south-west with buildings from Greek, Roman and early Christian times as a world heritage site. The city is picturesquely situated on a peninsula in Butrint Lake which is connected to the sea by a short channel – Corfu seems almost near enough to touch.

Albania’s second UNESCO world heritage site is the city of Gjirokastra with buildings dating back to the Ottoman era, also known as the City of Stone or the City of a Thousand Steps. The third UNESCO site is the city of Berat, with its multitude church and mosques with squisite decorations of frescos icons and arabesques. On this tour you will be taken from North to South, from West to East exploring these mentioned sites and more of the most fascinating places and authentic traditions. It provides access to a variety of archeological sites, old towns fortresses, landscapes, lagoons, beaches, forests, rugged mountains with striking monumental valleys and more.

1. Classical Albania  (Grand Tour)