Arts & Culture

Our tours are informal, entertaining, and led by experts, many of whom are curators, past or present in different museums and cultural institutions. Regardless of their credentials, all our guest lecturers are lively, entertaining speakers with a passion for their subject. The location of this country between some of Europe’s most important empires has left it well endowed with a wealth of attractions from the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman eras. The country is home to a wealth of old Turkish architecture, which sits side by side with elaborately decorated Orthodox churches and from more recent times the civic buildings of Communist period, as well as impressive Roman ruins and well preserved historic towns. These tours will uncover Illyrian fortifications, Greek and Roman settlements, mediaeval citadels, painted Orthodox churches and handsome mosques. Here you can find different cultural tour that our travel experts in collaboration with different outside studious and researchers have created. From the collaboration with different institutes has been created different tours divided in three main areas: Political Tours, Archeological Tours and Historical Tours.

1. Cultural Landscapes of Abania