Past and Present accommodation finding experts can assist you make the right choice of accommodation while planning to visit the country and the region. Whether it is business or leisure, we have the ability to offer in our judgment, the best hotel selection in the country and further. We enjoy very competitive rates gained through extensive cooperation during the years  with our considerable portfolio of partner hotels.  

Sheraton  Rogner

Hotel Tirana  Adriatik hotel


Event Management


We believe that our Company possesses the right elements such as the creative, technological and logistical which we consider as the most important ones for organizing successful events.   

Our department of management services offers a specific scope of services in a variety of areas: corporate events (conferences, corporate meetings, press conferences, incentives, product lunch, etc). 

Past and Present bases its success in certain key success factors and evaluation criteria in order to deliver successful events. First is having a clear vision and turn it into reality. Have in place the right marketing and planning skills. Define the performing team. Have a clear understanding of the infrastructure. Be familiar with the venue where the event will be held etc.    

We also have a very close relationship with IT companies, transportation companies, airlines, promotion agencies, publishing houses, etc. Through this successful cooperation, we secure the critical mass of organizing successful events of many kinds.     

Our event managers deal with planning and execution of multidimensional professions- events, design, logistic, budgeting, negotiations and of course client service. They are prepared to expect the unexpected as life experience shows that anything can go wrong! The team is made of financial specialists, marketing and communications, operational experts who guide the overall operation of the event including the management of the technology.

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Chauffeur Service

Since it first existed Past & Present started to rent Chauffeur driven automobiles to a multinational clientele. P&P has provided its customers with Off Road 4x4, Sedans, and Limousines driven by multilingual chauffeur-guides. P&P drivers escort customers with discretion and take them safe and in time, in their point of destination.

Pick-up & Drop off Service

Past & Present drivers will be waiting at the airport, port, border crossing point or any other designated place to take customers wherever they plan to go. The P&P logistics expert will assist customers from a to z of their trip. 

Personal Chauffeur & Mobile Concierge

As authorized drivers of the rental vehicle, P&P chauffeurs provide a range of services and added convenience. The chauffeur can pick up the rental car for you, meet you at the airline baggage claim or at the arrival area, at your hotel or business meeting, transport you between engagements and even return the rental vehicle for you.