Political tours

During our tours we have realized that most of our guests were a lot interested for the political side of the Balkan region history both recent and ancient. The political tourism is a revolutionary concept for travelers passionate about politics and current affairs. We offer group tours and tailor-made itineraries in destinations around the region.

Each tour offers critical examinations of the history and politics of the region in general and of different topics of each country and how they relate and influence each country. During this kind of trips, the guests have the opportunity to talk with relevant decision-makers from politics, the media, civil society, science and business.

The aim of the trips is to give to the traveler insight into social and economic developments of the region of the Western Balkans at a decisive time for the political future of this region. The tours are designed to help improve the knowledge and depth of reporting about the Balkans, international and European Balkans policies, and the question of the future of Southeastern European countries in the European Union. We do tailor-made tours for specific groups. Whether you’re a University, a think tank or a group of politicians and you have a very specific interest, we can set up a tour that conveys your queries.

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