Balkan flavours

Our range of regional tours is vast. The Albanian geographic position makes it possible to have so many choices when it comes to choose a regional or combined tour. In fact Albania borders almost with all the western Balkan states, like: Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia. Instead, Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia are really close to Albania due to the small surface that states like Montenegro and Kosovo covers. Depending in your length of stay and in the places you are mostly interested to visit, we have created different tours of the region. Have a look.

Our Balkan tours

1. Albania –  Montenegro – Croatia – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Macedonia - Albania

This tour will bring you in 10 or 12 days in all the best sites of the Region.



2. Albania – Macedonia – Greece

This tour will bring the group in 10 days to visit Albania, the best sites of Fyr Macedonia and northern Greece.



3. Albania - Kosovo - Macedonia

This tour will bring us in 11 days to travel the best sites of these three countries. These countries are still mysterious and “terra incognita” for the travelers and hide a lot of treasures inside