A vacation to visit archaeological sites can be a great way to learn about the past, a planned itinerary tour by “Past and Present” might be just the ticket for safe, educational travel.

The Archaeology tours presented by “PAST AND PRESENT” reveal the archeology changes that occurred to the civilizations in Albania through the centuries, thanks to a deep knowledge of our territory, of its treasures, traditions and peculiarities. We will tailor the thematic itinerary of your choice according to the season of your trip, length of your stay and number of persons. 

Within the actual borders of Albania are included part of the ancient regions of Illyria, Epirus and Macedonia. These lands and cultures have known a very early civilization and have come in very strong contact with both Greek culture that founded along the coastline many colonies and also by the Romans. These last ones, despite building different colonies of their own, constructed on these lands the main highway of their empire, Via Egnatia that connected the two Imperial capitals, Rome and Constantinople. The itineraries include all these important ancient centers, explaining the development of these lands during different ancient periods, like the rise of King Pyrrhus of Epirus and its relations with the Royal Macedonian family and with the Greek city states.

1. South Illyria and North Epirus


This archaeological tour will cover the most interesting archaeological sites located within the borders of the Republic of Albania.

2. Civilisations along the "Via Egnatia"

Museum of Thessaloniki