Nature Eco Tour

Albania's greatest asset is its natural beauty, and taking one of our Nature tours is the perfect way to get around and see this beauty. Mountainous landscapes with peeks and valleys cover 70% of the countryside of Albania.

You will discover breathtaking mountainous landscapes, valleys, lakes, ancient fortresses. You will visit local villages, churches and monasteries scattered around the country only to be nicely surprised when you stumble upon refreshing mountain springs and fruit trees to quench your thirst.

Our tours in the North Albanian Alps and in the Mountains of South Albania will appeal to travelers who want to escape the crowds and see this stunning region, as well as the more adventurous who will enjoy trekking, hiking, diving, skiing, fishing, mountain-biking, rafting and more.

Albanian Alps: A Gem of Nature Uniquely Preserved in Southeastern Europe

The Dinaric Alps offer an extrodinary opportunity for nature lovers. Here, the high mountains host an austere Alpine environment, while the valleys shelter the full complement of Mediterranean species. This combination gives rise to one of the richest floras in Europe with over 3200 native species of plants. The historic isolation during the 20th century has also preserved the unspoiled quality of life here, protecting healthy populations of brown bears, wolves, wild boar, chamois and other large mammals, as well as the human culture that continues to live side by side with them. From the silence of walking the high mountain peaks, experiencing a living reminder of the 50 million years since they were formed, to the tiny and perfect blossom of the jewel-like Saxifrage, from the mysterious deep Beech forest like something from a Grimm's Fairy tale, and the gentle Brown bears that live there, from the bright blue, mountain waters of the rivers to the otters that chase the silver and red-spotted trout that flash through them, a day in the Albanian Alps is a truly profound and beautiful marvel.


1. Off the Beaten Track (beyond the Pass to Theth and the Kukaj Valley!)